Business Valuations and Improvement

What Is Your Business Really Worth?

  • Are You  Relying On The Sale Of Your Business To Fund Your Retirement?
  • Is Your Business Creating The Wealth You Need?
  • Do You Want To Maximise Your Business Wealth When You Exit?


We Can Help You Now To... 

  • Understand The Current Value Of Your Business AND Compare Your Business To Similar Businesses..
  • Understand If You Have A "Value Gap"?  (Can you afford to retire?)..
  • Understand The True Potential Of Your Business & Assist You In Planning To Get There!

Our valuation model values a business by assessing the following:

  • The strength of a business' various value drivers
  • The exposure the business has to its various risks
  • The ability of the business to access its surplus cash
  • Other external factors like interest rates and tax rates


We do not simply use "industry averages" or "gut feel" to determine our valuation parameters.

This service can be used to assist:

  • Buyers: am I paying too much?
  • Ownership changes or disputes
  • Sellers: will I get what I expect or need?
  • Succession and estate planning
  • Relationship breakdowns
  • insurance


We provide an initial, FREE, maximum 1 hour meeting to conduct a Growth and Succession Planning Assessment (GASPA) on your business. 

If you have a business and don't know with any certainty what it's worth, if you are planning on your business to assist with retirement, if you would like to know how your business compares to similar businesses around the country….. please contact Darrell O'Brien, Director at PDK Financial or any one of our friendly staff.

Contact us to make an appointment to find out how we can help you.